Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

Thursdays to Sundays
Noon to 5:00
Closed on Sundays except for Riverside Stamp Shows on July 12 and August 9 10:00 to 2:00 Free admission to show and Museum

Riverside Stamp Show
June 14, July 12, August 9
September 13.
Free admission to show and Mueseum.

If you would like to receive our monthly stamp almanac calendar which features a stamp that relates to an historic event that happened on each day of the month, email your request to info@spellman.org

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Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History
241 Wellesley Street
at Regis College
Weston MA 02493 USA

phone: 781.768.8367
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email: info@spellman.org
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 About the Museum

"Stamps are miniature documents of human history. They are the means by which a country gives sensible expression to its hopes and needs; its beliefs and ideals. They mirror the past and presage the future. They delineate cultural attainments, industrial works, domestic, civil and social life. In a word, these vignettes give a vivid picture of the world, its occupants and their multifarious endeavors."

Francis Cardinal Spellman, c. 1950


The Spellman Museum is a center of learning and activities for people of all ages. It will preserve, enhance and expand its collections, library and facilities as a philatelic trust for the education and entertainment of the general public; to promote the hobby of stamp collecting and to be a resource for historians.



The Spellman Museum is an independent, not-for-profit cultural organization (501(c)(3)) with a mission to promote knowledge and understanding of worldwide history and geography through the study of stamps, letters, and other artifacts of people's communication through the mail. This educational mission is advanced through exhibitions, a resource center and library, and programs for children, families, and adults. The Museum is a partner in the Regis College Museum Studies Program providing formal classroom support and internship and practicum experiences for students.

The Spellman Museum is supported by grants, membership, admission fees and related earned income, earnings from an endowment fund, and the annual contributions of trustees, members, and friends. Donations of philatelic collections and literature are encouraged to enhance the museum's collection, for use in public programs, and for resale to support the museum.

Founded in 1960, the museum brought together the collections of Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York, and the National Philatelic Museum in Philadelphia. The collection now includes over 2,000,000 items including those from President Dwight David Eisenhower, violinist Jascha Heifetz, and General Matthew Ridgway. The Spellman Museum is one of two public museums in the United States devoted to stamps and postal history, the other being the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

Board of Trustees

Nancy Clark - Corporation President and Chairman
Lynne Linnehan - Treasurer
Sr. Helen Sullivan, CSJ - Ex-Officio
Dr. Paul Allen
Raffaele Florio , Ph.D
Sr. Ann Marie Grady, CSJ
Sr. Mary Rita Grady CSJ
Antoinette M.Hays, Ph.D, RN Ex-Officio - President, Regis College
Dr. Yamil Kouri
Dr. Robert L. Markovits
Joseph W. Mullin
Dr. Timothy P. O’Connor
Jeffery Shapiro
Sr. Therezon Sheerin, CSJ
Norm Shufrin
Mary-Anne Vetterling, Ph.D
David Wilson
Sr. Margaret Wallace, CSJ Recording Secretary

Museum Staff

Henry Lukas, Director of Education
George S. Norton, Curator of Philatelic Collections


While many volunteer their time for specific projects, the following recognizes those who do so on a regular basis.

Richard Aronson
Christopher Brouady
Ethan Chiu
Martin Chiu

Guy Dillaway
Amy Glenndinning
Marc Jasmin
Nick Kardasis
Henry Keutman
John Leehan
John I. Mattill
S. Patricia McDonough, CSJ
Louise Ann Mikaelian
Jack Miller
George Mortenson
Joe Mullin

Nicole Nieves
Victor Prepelitskiy
Mary R. Salustro
Elaine J. Schofield
Jeffrey Shapiro
Norm Shufrin
Jack Stone
Edna Story
Philip Untersee
Steve Waxler
John Whelihan
David A. Wilson


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